Kollman’s Poinsettias

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Poinsettia. And Kollman’s says it in many different shades. The colors speak for themselves. Each year we grow several new varieties to test their color intensity, bract size, and durability. The winners will be grown again. Come see what’s new this year!

We Carry a Complete Line of Holiday Poinsettias

Traditional Colors


Holiday Specialties

  • Poinsettias – Vibrant Colors, Seven Sizes from 4.5 inch Pots to Hanging Gardens and Trees
  • Caladiums – Scarlet with a green edge, and white with a green edge
  • Cyclaman
  • Paperwhites & Amaryllis
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Wreaths & Bows
  • Greens & Garlands
  • Berries & Willow Stem
  • Red Twig Dogwood Branches

Designer Colors

Marble: Soft Pink and Cream Bi-color Flowers
Red Glitter: Improved Version of Jingle Bells
Fantasy Blue: Soft to Vibrant Hues of Blues